This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Art And Science

This depiction is so incredibly very much dealt with the tones are impeccable the piece is exceptional and every one of the structures are rendered to make sure you can truly feel like you’re a piece of the same in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to be in Western Australia as you’re watching this video get down to the Art Gallery Of Western Australia and you.

Can see the original painting it is spectacular I’ve Spent many hours in front of it studying every detail in terms of material and the process of painting I’m really loving these two books this one’s by Michael Wilcox and it’s called glazing with emphasis on the craft of painting and this one by a guy named Virgil Elliott on traditional oil painting both absolute gold in my opinion if you ever had a question.

About the ins and outs of the painting process getting into the more technical aspects of oil painting then you can’t go wrong with these two books blazing and traditional oil painting now again I’m going to put links to all the books that I’m talking about in the description below and see if you can find yourself a copy you can’t go wrong with these now questions always come up with mediums and glazing and varnishing and a layering oil paint and it can get quite tricky and very Outdoor Tire technical so that’s where this book by Michael Wilcox is so handy he writes in a clear and concise way and he’s laid out a fantastic framework for us to be able to navigate this tricky subject so if you had questions about painting fat over lean or about layering different types of medium than this perhaps is the book for you I’ve recently had some troubles with oiling in or even applying touch of varnish and this book clearly lays those processes.

Up in fact I’m Gonna be making a video about that very very soon now Virgil Elliott’s book on traditional oil painting is a very good resource for anybody wanting to know more techniques and just a great overview to oil painting practices now this book has recently become a real go to for me for any technical questions that I’ve had that relate to the practice of oil painting this covers a lot of information and even goes into some more historical in-depth insight.