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Ways On How To Prepare For Assisted Living

You must be Bob teach me and we get these clothes all day oh yeah how did the date with Bob go I think I’m right across something lost right no I should have worn a rubber but donor said she was insanely hot you wouldn’t mean I’m sorry things didn’t work outwit my sister she can be bitchy sometimes I don’t know what she was does she want to get married and settle down she’s.

Almost over the hill as it is they waited you guys at least Dustin come unit’s menu all right bitch maybe she was on her period or something you want me to ask her don’t do anything no fetched it’s not my time that’s coolly mean she’s my sister I have to love her but if I were in your shoes I’d at least do her I understand it wouldn’t work out in the long run I hear you hey whatever happened.

The girl with Assisted Living young oh this is what independent living you had on her gasman you got to get that taken care of where I don’t want to be seen with you any more what do you want me to do Bob go to what doctor you go with what insurance you know any insurance goal the mercy room better yet go the free clinic you’re pretty smart for a homeless guy Bob all the same I think I’m goanna give it awake see if it Hills up on its own I don’t think that’s a good idea can’t get any worse alright man I got to go I gotten get this taken care of stupid.

They make us fill out all these forms right some of these questions not even important name I think this is wasting away my crotch here’s what my name is excuse me task what are you doing here anyway looks like you got money don’t want your wife to know about your extracurricular activities wrecked-tile dysfunction should know don’t exert your business all right take a hint you need to touch a nerve classes if you don’t mind me asking when did things start to go south just kind of want to know what I’m in four don’t want to talk about it that’s cool yeah maybe it’s not you.