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What You Should Wear To Managing An Optometry Practice

codes which which is managing an optometry practice a series of codes that basically five level codes for anew patient five levels for an established patient that all disciplines used to for office visits and depending upon the level of coding and the specific characteristics of the examination you would choose a code that meets a certain level of history certain level of examination and a sir level of medical decision making again all professions have that optometry and ophthalmology are you little unique and now we have two other types of we have one of the series of codes will be the general optimal logical code it’s the series of codes.

which is another coding system another series of codes so theoretically when you see a patient toucan either choose a code or a code and there are guidelines available you need to come familiar with when touche each code a patient is considered anew patient if they haven’t been to see you or a member of your group practice if you’re practicing on the one tax ID number for three years if they’re within three years then they’re an established patient to the group and what this visits using one of those codes that’s most.

appropriate for the patient and a good example of that be if a person comes in with a with a foreign body in there Ian you do a en level or evaluation and management level to that may be what’s appropriate for the chief complaint of foreign body do you dilate the person then that may be good medical care but certainly does that mean that you do comprehensive or a higher level in and level call it on everybody.

that looks marketing optometry practice in because the symptom was foreign body and those are things that I believe all healthcare providers struggle with but basically if you look at your chief complaint you should be geeing the level of examination towards what needs to get done thereby establishing medical necessity for that specific case one issue that i believe all clinicians.