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Why Most Veterinary Practice Management Fail

Ten o’clock on a Saturday let’s see gosh this is like flying the spaceship enterprise so um I’m Dr. young and thanks for being with me this morning I’m super excited there’s a whole bunch of you signed up for this meeting so you know the technical aspect of this is never mind my forte so if you could just type into the chat box that you can hear me.

That’s most important and Veterinary Practice Management maybe you can also that you can see me although I’m going to be showing you slides so there should be a check box on the right-hand side of your screen good morning Jan good morning Jonathan Marisagood morning excellent you can hear me so perfect hi Sara oh yeah we buddy thank you thanks for being here Rhondayay um so I do want this to be a little bit of an interactive webinar hi Liz sowhat I’m going to do I’m just going to wait a couple more minutes because we actually have people from all over joining today I think there’s that have signed up so if you want to type in the chat box where you’re from EastCoast West Coast you know what state I don’t know anybody from Australia is joining so that will be nice and let me just go and bring up share the slides with you because then I’m going to need some feedback that you can actually see my power point slide Wisconsin St. Louis-Philadelphia New York but live in Connecticut Connecticut is beautiful anybody from Massachusetts Florida yay.

I lived in Florida for a little while so I see so while you’re putting in where you ‘re from you should be able to see a screen that says the big fat lies they told you about their new practice management so you can see that let me know which is typically in a yes another person from Pennsylvania hi there this is great no we have some people in the facebook group from California and Iknow it’s seven o’clock in the morning there on a Saturday Oh Sarah yes from California gosh good job.