How You Can Attend Business With Minimal Budget

I think I might take it take steam song – yeah I get your stuff now that you leave that hand-me-downs I get your stuff Thanks it’s incredible let’s go to the profile see if we can use any of these experience points here oh godsends not level five when is eight level five I’m guessing eight to ten is level five you gotta be kidding me man killing me come on game.

what you doing alright guys I think that’s a good placebo end it for this episode of day of reckoning – I hope that you guys did enjoy this cuss I had a good time not good time this is this is fun remember guys to leave that thumbs up before you leave or if you’re watching on YouTube after the fact leave that thumbs up Want to thank everybody for coming remembered to subscribe if you guys aren’t subscribed for more of that goody two-shoes on my channel and I will see you guys next time in as to what you can get so.

if you want royal jellies you have to puttee machines down here in the moss blanket not in the classical royal jelly awesome so that’s something to considers that it does matter where you put these things all right we have three down which means I can put that one master here so we’re going to put that one master apiary here and then I like how it looks different too it’s got like the big like wide chunks on the side there that’s cool so this guy’s going toast nine cycles that’s great and it has a higher.

chance of the rare stuff so that’s also great so my plan is to still do the same ratio to have four of each machine in the zones where you get the very rare stuff and then two of each in the glass desert and that way we’ll maybe get the most well-rounded set of items we can still get the silky sands and all that stuff okay so that place is set all right now pump I have no pumps down right now actually in this flow in this area so what.

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