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Bank platform so so they really helped us to make sure that we bring in some of these innovative channels which was video and a videodisc chat which was I think very key for us to provide to an RM as well as customer who can’t today dial in and speak to his relationship manager the relationship manager did not have to move anywhere and the advice can redelivered to him whenever he or she wants it there’s another Bank which is the largest wealth management outfit in where we are working with them to create a virtual.

Banker so this is partnership between us and the bank where we’re going to replace a private banker which will be replaced by our digital device which we primarily be mobile phone which will allow the mobile phone app to deliver the advice to the clients and so this is the largest wealth management firm in India and we we’re kind of partnering with them so this is the second or initiative the third initiative which which we have done with another customer is to targets very different software solutions segments of customer which is most of the most of our wealth management lines have been targeting teethe alternate ultra high net worth individuals.

But here we are focusing on the institutional Treasuries and corporate Treasuries which also make investments so it’s an entire digital platform which is created in collaboration with one of our clients which will allow them to deliver advice to corporate Treasuries and allow them to execute on a digital platform so sot-his kind of helps them bring in or target them a very different segments of customer which usually is a personalized meeting which will be eliminated and digital or a mobile technology is used-to make sure as the advice is delivered on a mobile app and a corporate is able to take a decision so that’s that’s brave.

step which I believe we have taken we believe people will surely accept it and we think it has a great potential in various geographies or where everybody’s targeting high net worth individuals Verger be targeting a very different segments of customers who make significant amount of investments or in funds in t-bills and they also need advice on their investments.

Why Most Veterinary Practice Management Fail

Ten o’clock on a Saturday let’s see gosh this is like flying the spaceship enterprise so um I’m Dr. young and thanks for being with me this morning I’m super excited there’s a whole bunch of you signed up for this meeting so you know the technical aspect of this is never mind my forte so if you could just type into the chat box that you can hear me.

That’s most important and Veterinary Practice Management maybe you can also that you can see me although I’m going to be showing you slides so there should be a check box on the right-hand side of your screen good morning Jan good morning Jonathan Marisagood morning excellent you can hear me so perfect hi Sara oh yeah we buddy thank you thanks for being here Rhondayay um so I do want this to be a little bit of an interactive webinar hi Liz sowhat I’m going to do I’m just going to wait a couple more minutes because we actually have people from all over joining today I think there’s that have signed up so if you want to type in the chat box where you’re from EastCoast West Coast you know what state I don’t know anybody from Australia is joining so that will be nice and let me just go and bring up share the slides with you because then I’m going to need some feedback that you can actually see my power point slide Wisconsin St. Louis-Philadelphia New York but live in Connecticut Connecticut is beautiful anybody from Massachusetts Florida yay.

I lived in Florida for a little while so I see so while you’re putting in where you ‘re from you should be able to see a screen that says the big fat lies they told you about their new practice management so you can see that let me know which is typically in a yes another person from Pennsylvania hi there this is great no we have some people in the facebook group from California and Iknow it’s seven o’clock in the morning there on a Saturday Oh Sarah yes from California gosh good job.

How To Sell Motivational Speakers

Looking for silk but it’s motivational speakers so good to have failures problem but how do you how fast you shift your focus from so curve difficult to circle upon stability no problem to have difficulty sir much of the cliff knee up collide more difficult and I make a thumb walk that leave the coat but it needs le shift key opening mindset co-host about their behavior shifting and belief shifting exercises Abu create Garnier BarbaraPollock Nike a possibility here or Barbara could lead curvature difficult to say or a possibility difficult scope now cotton car dingy Afghan candies are encouraged Eggman Lincoln.

Reaper google drop its Co but hasta que ambuscade una Palabras Hakata soccer ki circular difficulty my boss stress hair a circle of possibility avoid strategy after focus kind stretch make a strategy pair leader Becca focus said that is going to get zoomed in Booska sighs Barajasagua agua Sahaja yoga or agar Apni possibilities but hates even myth of the ruse alluding a quadruple inspector we can convert the every failure into a success you may not have resources you have research fullness octopus knocketh hair bulge attained by the power external season or external reason you do not about Komori vacation then get the temporary hog, not o external season lumber motivation data next and a reason lumber motivation data hi Karan.

Agorakobbari a motivation car lumber SEMATECHnature leg Asia you’ve got to have an internal powerful belief system you have resourceful Nesskitni bar kidney bar get angry up you’ve got two bumps back actually my next point is that the leaders of attitude are far deadlier than the diseases like cancer and brain stroke can I tell you something hey bar up gratitude crap where I eat bar other was Qureshi APNIC accept a bus Cabanacook weenie Machop aura then nobody can help you these attitudes of diseases you know because cancer Jessie be Mario the Baja kilo picker the gnocchi attitude Kabanov Anthony DeCurtis Kasab up another.

Ways On How To Prepare For Assisted Living

You must be Bob teach me and we get these clothes all day oh yeah how did the date with Bob go I think I’m right across something lost right no I should have worn a rubber but donor said she was insanely hot you wouldn’t mean I’m sorry things didn’t work outwit my sister she can be bitchy sometimes I don’t know what she was does she want to get married and settle down she’s.

Almost over the hill as it is they waited you guys at least Dustin come unit’s menu all right bitch maybe she was on her period or something you want me to ask her don’t do anything no fetched it’s not my time that’s coolly mean she’s my sister I have to love her but if I were in your shoes I’d at least do her I understand it wouldn’t work out in the long run I hear you hey whatever happened.

The girl with Assisted Living young oh this is what independent living you had on her gasman you got to get that taken care of where I don’t want to be seen with you any more what do you want me to do Bob go to what doctor you go with what insurance you know any insurance goal the mercy room better yet go the free clinic you’re pretty smart for a homeless guy Bob all the same I think I’m goanna give it awake see if it Hills up on its own I don’t think that’s a good idea can’t get any worse alright man I got to go I gotten get this taken care of stupid.

They make us fill out all these forms right some of these questions not even important name I think this is wasting away my crotch here’s what my name is excuse me task what are you doing here anyway looks like you got money don’t want your wife to know about your extracurricular activities wrecked-tile dysfunction should know don’t exert your business all right take a hint you need to touch a nerve classes if you don’t mind me asking when did things start to go south just kind of want to know what I’m in four don’t want to talk about it that’s cool yeah maybe it’s not you.


What You Should Wear To Managing An Optometry Practice

codes which which is managing an optometry practice a series of codes that basically five level codes for anew patient five levels for an established patient that all disciplines used to for office visits and depending upon the level of coding and the specific characteristics of the examination you would choose a code that meets a certain level of history certain level of examination and a sir level of medical decision making again all professions have that optometry and ophthalmology are you little unique and now we have two other types of we have one of the series of codes will be the general optimal logical code it’s the series of codes.

which is another coding system another series of codes so theoretically when you see a patient toucan either choose a code or a code and there are guidelines available you need to come familiar with when touche each code a patient is considered anew patient if they haven’t been to see you or a member of your group practice if you’re practicing on the one tax ID number for three years if they’re within three years then they’re an established patient to the group and what this visits using one of those codes that’s most.

appropriate for the patient and a good example of that be if a person comes in with a with a foreign body in there Ian you do a en level or evaluation and management level to that may be what’s appropriate for the chief complaint of foreign body do you dilate the person then that may be good medical care but certainly does that mean that you do comprehensive or a higher level in and level call it on everybody.

that looks marketing optometry practice in because the symptom was foreign body and those are things that I believe all healthcare providers struggle with but basically if you look at your chief complaint you should be geeing the level of examination towards what needs to get done thereby establishing medical necessity for that specific case one issue that i believe all clinicians.

How You Can Attend Business With Minimal Budget

I think I might take it take steam song – yeah I get your stuff now that you leave that hand-me-downs I get your stuff Thanks it’s incredible let’s go to the profile see if we can use any of these experience points here oh godsends not level five when is eight level five I’m guessing eight to ten is level five you gotta be kidding me man killing me come on game.

what you doing alright guys I think that’s a good placebo end it for this episode of day of reckoning – I hope that you guys did enjoy this cuss I had a good time not good time this is this is fun remember guys to leave that thumbs up before you leave or if you’re watching on YouTube after the fact leave that thumbs up Want to thank everybody for coming remembered to subscribe if you guys aren’t subscribed for more of that goody two-shoes on my channel and I will see you guys next time in as to what you can get so.

if you want royal jellies you have to puttee machines down here in the moss blanket not in the classical royal jelly awesome so that’s something to considers that it does matter where you put these things all right we have three down which means I can put that one master here so we’re going to put that one master apiary here and then I like how it looks different too it’s got like the big like wide chunks on the side there that’s cool so this guy’s going toast nine cycles that’s great and it has a higher.

chance of the rare stuff so that’s also great so my plan is to still do the same ratio to have four of each machine in the zones where you get the very rare stuff and then two of each in the glass desert and that way we’ll maybe get the most well-rounded set of items we can still get the silky sands and all that stuff okay so that place is set all right now pump I have no pumps down right now actually in this flow in this area so what.